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Centrally located in Milford, Delaware, Rachel Walsh believes every interior design project should create comfort and function where you live and work. We have a trusted list of vendors to call upon for your interior design needs.

Rachel Walsh portrait

Rachel Walsh

Owner, Decorator, Project Manager

A hometown girl, Rachel is deeply rooted in the culture and lifestyles of Delaware. At an early age, she served the community selling local produce at the family's farm stand. Subsequent employment always centered on serving others, particully in healthcare where her sensitivity helped patients through rough times. These experiences planted the seed of customer service that later blossomed into the practiced professional she is today when she found her true advocation in interior design.

Rachel tells people she doesn't have hobbies, but she is quite into gardening. In fact she just won the Milford Garden Award. Rachel also loves traveling, getting emersed in other cultures, and this serves her clients well as a source of design inspiration.

Most of Rachel's free time is spent with friends and family. Rachel is a proud mother of three children and three grandchildren.


"I get my inspiration from sharing ideas with my clients. I get so excited hearing the history of their home or business, their dreams for the future that I just can't help to have ideas emerge to help realize their vision."

— Rachel Walsh